Mount Sunflower

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Location: US-40, proceed 15 miles west from Sharon Springs, turn right (north) on Road Wa N-3, go 10.8 miles, left 1 mile, right .4 mile

GPS Coordinates: N 38º 51.947' W 101º 51.016'

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Site Logistics:

  • Mount Sunflower is located on private land owned by Mike and Rae Marie Jones, who encourage visitors to the site.
  • Amenities include a picnic table, a sunflower sculpture made from railroad spikes
  • Access is via county dirt roads to the property

Mount Sunflower, although not a true mountain, is the highest point in the state of Kansas. At 4,039 feet (1,231 m), it is 3,300 feet (1,010 m) feet above the state’s topographic low point located in Montgomery County in Southeastern Kansas. Located in Wallace County, it is less than 1/2 of a mile (0.8 km) from the Colorado state border and close to the lowest point in Colorado.

The state of Kansas gradually increases in elevation from the east to the west. As such, “Mount Sunflower”, while the highest point in the state in terms of elevation, is indistinguishable from the surrounding terrain.

The Mount Sunflower guest book has been signed by people from almost every state and many foreign countries.


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